By Barbara Sanders

The rumble and the roar rose, as the night came on. We could sit at our computers, listening to the deafening noise that seemed to vibrate the walls. We were sure our neighbors, who were closer to the noise, were bothered, since they are seniors. But, this seems to be an every Saturday night happening, which isn't likely to change in the near future. What is it? Well, we have no idea, except it has the distinct noise of a drag strip.

Today, on Mother's Day, our entire yard and pastures were alive with the 'sound of wheels'! It was more a three-ringed circus, than a family yard! Although the noise wasn't as quiet as loud as the suspected dragstrip, it was noisy, just the same! There was a three-wheeler, a go-cart, and a 4 x 4 Ford truck (the small boy size) going full force! The three-wheeler had participants of all ages. It took to the hills, water, driveway, and yard. Not everyone who rode was a driver. You could see the thrill the three-wheeler gave the youngsters! It was 'give me more', each time they came down the drive.

The go-cart, having found it's new home in Papa's basement, was put to good use today. All the children rode, but our youngest grandson had the most fun. He's the owner of the 4 x 4. His riding was cut short, due to an unexpected accident by Dad, who backed up, while watching him ride, almost stepped on Mom, and proceeded to fall backwards over the truck. The truck stood upon its end, with driver in the seat, and bent the axle. Well, not to be outdone, this little guy 'hitches' a ride with his aunt! And, what joy he had on that little face. Everytime it came to a stop, you heard him say, "Let's go"! He meant, 'don't think you are going to get rid of me this easily!'

Oh, the grass will never be the same. The driveway has 'ditches' where there were gravels before, and the kids took the mud from the pasture mud holes home on their clothes. But, the sheer joy of watching the procession that continued all afternoon through our yard is worth losing all the grass, having water stand in the drive, and mud stains on clothes! Children will soon grow into adults, and the childhood moments are quickly replaced with 'the real thing'. So, the next time the children need entertainment, 'the wheels have it', around here!

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