Transition Period
by Barbara Sanders

Transition is changing from one thing to another. In our lives, that happens probably more often than we really realize.

Iíve gone from daughter, to wife, to Mother, to Grandmother. And, now, there is another transition. My oldest grandson has made me a Great Grandmother. And it is so exciting. Never had really thought about being a great grandmother since Iíve only became a grandmother again almost 20 months ago, making my husband and me grandparents to six. And they are all precious!

All of these transitions have spanned a few years. There was almost 22 years between being just my parentsí daughter to being my husbandís wife. Then, there was almost 4 years to our first child. After that, it was another 21 years until our first grandchild. And then it has been another 21 years until our first great grandchild. I donít want to think how old we will be when our very last grandchild gets married and has a child! Will we be able to move our legs, get up, hold the baby, or perhaps just have to look from afar? Sounds funny, doesnít it. But, actually, we may not be around when that grandson produces his first child. Just another 18 years would make us sort of Ďoldí.

But, transition in itself has been wonderful. We both have enjoyed being parents and grandparents. And I have been assured that being grandparents holds more joy than either being a parent or grandparent. Being a parent and grandparent held lots of joy. But when that great grandbaby came into this world, it was a sight to behold. Never have I seen so many tears from a father or such love in the eyes of those parents! I just pray that they have as much joy with their daughter and see many years of joy in their lives with grandkids and then great children as we have in ours.

Written ©March 6, 2010 by Barbara Sanders, AL. All rights reserved.


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