Where the Rubber Meets the Road
by Barbara Sanders

There are many 'wanna be's' out there, but not many with the initative to make a stab at what they feel they want to do, or have been called to do. I have this friend whom has definitely had a calling placed on her life to minister to young people. She is so talented! She is so diverse, that she makes me feel like Peter walking on water! "Hey, God, I'm having problems. Can't finish my job! I need help!" She's an author of Christian children's books, and illustrator for those books, and a great artist. And, she has a wonderful children's ministry on the web!

The story behind this friend's website is her grandson. He is eighteen, but much like a little child. Part of his brain was missing, when he was born, so therefore, he can't speak or hear. But, he has brought so much joy to this grandmother and the whole family, and it shows through her work. She is so talented, that she works the plan of salvation around in her stories, in ways that little children have no problem comprehending.

Recently, my friend has come under the pressures of satan, with difficulties all of us could understand. Finances have been attacked, and her real purpose on the Web becoming a 'wonder if' in her own mind. So, she gets a job outside, and the web is let stand for awhile. But, you know what? God isn't going to let satan get away with the way he's treating this Christian! No way!

The job only lasted for awhile, putting more pressure and stress on an already-busy lady, not to say problems for her, healthwise. And, don't you know God is always watching, listening, waiting to intervene? And, he just did that in this situation as well. A few days before she decided to quit this pressure job, the owner looked at her website. When she saw what this lady was doing on the Web to further the gospel to children, she began to pray for God to show her very clearly if this job was truly for her or not. The owner admitted that, while praying for her to be the answer to her prayers, she hadn't thought that perhaps this job wasn't the answer to this lady's prayers. So, when she did quit the job, the owner knew that she was headed in the right direction, back working 'on the job' for which God had commissioned her.

There's a lesson here to be learned for everyone. Often, we are afraid that we can't make it, our lives suffer, our jobs suffer, and our finances suffer. But, most of all, our spiritual lives suffer. We have chosen to do what we humans do best, take on the job 'all by ourselves'. And, we know that it's not what God intended us to do. Instead, he says to 'cast your cares on me', 'lean not to your own understanding', In other words, what's more important, our 'making it', or our 'trusting in God for our well-being'? When the 'rubber meets the road,it comes down to one thing - HE makes the landing for us much easier, than if we 'hit the ground' by ourselves!

Written ©May 4, 2001 by Barbara Sanders, AL. All rights reserved.


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