By Barbara Sanders
pins and needles

I am a seamstress by trade, a wife and Mother by choice, and housekeeper, when I feel like it. Pins and needles are 'staples' to a seamstress, as eggs and flour are to a cook. Being a custom drapery seamstress, pins of all kinds filled the boxes in my large sewing room. Straight pins, push pins, bent pins, rusty pins, safety pins - I had them all. Needles were about as plentiful. My sewing machines couldn't sew without needles, and it took several different kinds - needles for a straight sewing machine, blind stitcher, and the serger. And, I also had an assortment of needles with which to do hand sewing. A seamstress would be lost without a needle!

A wife and mother is always in need of pins and needles for those little jobs she may run across each day. Safety pins come in real handy, when your child loses a button, and starts hollering at the top of his voice, "I'm losing my pants"! Sure, get that safety pin in place, and keep the kid from a great embarrasment! The undershorts underneath may be in need of repair as well!

And, let me tell you about the needles! Sure, you use the needle to sew up a hole in a sock (does your child actually still wear those socks with holes?), but, you also use that needle to pick out that splinter from that same little boy who was, only a couple hours ago, losing his pants! Out come the alcohol and the match; you sterilize the pin, and try to find the splinter. One would think you're about to kill your kid! The moaning and groaning of that magnitude was last heard when you last ran your toe into the corner of the bed pole. But, with a little luck, and GOD, you get that little nuisance out, and he's not too bad for the wear.

And 'on pins and needles' is something you become when that same little boy goes on his first date, or perhaps gets his first job. You sit up until you see the lights one the car shining around the corner, and you know he's safe. You quickly jump in bed, not wanting that child to know that 'Mom cares'. Wouldn't be proper; after all, he 'thinks' he's grown, and rules don't apply anymore.

It can be said that pins and needles are on the top of the list for needed items for every person, whether married, single, with children or without. From holding up the pants, to pinning up a picture, they are among the handiest items you can keep in that cabinet.

A housekeeper could not go without pins and needles. In fact, if she's like most homemakers, she's saving every little pin from the dry cleaning, and off every piece of clothing bought in a store. It is a 'learned thing', believe me! Mother before us 'saved', and taught us to 'save', and we never saw her throw out a thing. Every drawer, every little dish, and every little box had its share of pins and needles stored among the other little 'treasures'. I would dare say that a house without 'pins and needles' is not a home; for how will you 'keep it together' without those little necessities?

Written March 7, 2001 Copyright Barbara Sanders. All rights Reserved. Do not copy.

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