By Barbara Sanders

I recall the old television show called 'Maverick'. He thought and acted for himself. And, I am sure most of us can relate to that, in lots of situations. I was a 'thinker', when I was at home. I thought for myself, or to a certain extent, I thought I did. However, when my ability to think for myself and do for myself got out of hand, there was always a stronger 'thinker' in the house - Mom!

I remember how much of a 'thinker' I was, at one time. I, like other children, got into trouble. And, when I did, I would never cry, or, should I say, when people were watching. But, this one time, I remember getting a spanking (yes, I lived in that era when it wasn't wrong for parents to discipline the kids!), and charging off like a mad bull to my room, slamming the door behind me. Then, the tears flew! I would hold my tears until I got entirely alone. I was not only a 'thinker', I was hot headed. Imagine that!

Mavericks can be conquered. For instance, we used to have a bull, which by rights should have been mean. And, he was, among his own. But, with a little help from us, he became as tame as a baby lamb. He would come up to the fence to eat out of our hands. We never feared being in the pasture with him, that is, unless he was mad at another bull or cow. Then, we knew to keep our distance.

That is sort of the way we are with the little mavericks we have in our presence. My little grandsons, for instance, are 'mavericks', in the sense, they think for themselves, act on their own, and do not fear what Mom will do, although, they know punishment coming. Now, that's a true maverick! Fear doesn't stop those little boys from fighting, throwing things in the house, or just finding mischief where mischief shouldn't be.

Back to conquering mavericks! God said in His Word that 'my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways'. A parent realizes that the little maverick isn't thinking the same thoughts as a grown up, and that child isn't doing the things the way an adult would. But, in time, with the parental training and guidance that we should all give our child, he or she will grow up to be a well-rounded individual, upholding the law of the land and of God. Then, we can look back on those times when we thought that 'maverick' could never be tamed and smile! For truly Maverick has come full circle!

Written March 8, 2001 Barbara Sanders. All rights reserved. Do not copy.

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