by Barbara Sanders

candyBread is one of the four basic food groups, so it must be good for us. I suppose it's all in how much you eat, whether it's good or bad. As for me, it might be considered bad. If bread was made with chocolate, I could be a chocoholic! Bread is my downfall. I love bread as some love chocolate. It's hard to do without it.

I love bread, however it comes, whether it is cornbread, biscuits, muffins, or rolls. Yeast rolls are my favorite. Sitting in a restaurant that serves yeast rolls, it's hard not to make a scene! I could just sit with the butter dish and rolls and eat until I burst! Every morsel makes the pallet of your mouth water for more! Add honey butter, and the rolls are better!

I remember my grandmother baking homemade yeast bread every week. Usually, Friday was her bake day. She had three sons and their families that lived in the same town, close to her. She'd set out to bake her bread and always included one or two loaves for each of their families. Most of the time, it was a loaf of white bread and one of raisin bread. If you went to her house on baking day, it was like walking into 'heaven on earth'. Oh, the aroma was one to savor - even before you were offered a big piece of bread with lots of butter! Delicious, to say the least! Nobody could bake yeast bread like Granny!

Bread pudding was something served at my house when I was young. There was vanilla and chocolate, chocolate being the favorite of the kids. It was best served when it was cold. We'd just go to the refrigerator and slice off a big chunk and eat it like there was 'no tomorrow'

There shouldn't be something that is so good to eat, yet so bad, if you indulge in too much of that food. For some chocolate is that food. For me, it's bread. When I'm hungry and can't figure out what I want, I can just pick up a piece of bread, pour a glass of milk, and I'm satisfied. Being a lover of bread, I can certainly understand those that love chocolate! If bread was made from chocolate, I could certainly join the 'Chocoholic's Anonymous' Club!

Written by Barbara Sanders, copyright ©January 28, 2002. All rights reserved.


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