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I was privileged to be in a service with Dr. Mark Chrionna, a very gifted man of God. In the prayer line that night was a pastor from a local church. I only knew of this pastor, having friends and relatives that attend his church. So, I knew enough to take notice when Dr. Chironna started speaking to him and praying for him. He had him hold out his hands (you have to understand Dr. Chironna did not know this man). As he held his hands and began to pray, Dr. Chironna told him that God had showed him his hands would be _healing hands_, carrying healing to many through the power of God given him. Since that night, I've heard of many in his church having hands laid on them and being healed of many things, including cancer.

We know that man isn't the healer, but God Almighty that works through man. But, we, as the ones being prayed for, have to believe that GOD will indeed heal us of all our diseases, sickness, and afflictions. Otherwise, there would be no healings. In His Word, God said, many times, "your faith has made you whole".

I know many who have felt that healing touch from the Lord; some were healed instantly, others, progressively. Our God still heals, and still performs miracles this day. My father was healed of cancer, after the doctors gave him a six month death sentence. But, we prayed and believed, and the Lord healed him. When Daddy died thirteen years later, there was no trace of cancer in his body. My Mother was healed of an ulcerated stomach, something from which she had suffered many years. I have been healed, so I know, from a personal standpoint, that He does indeed heal.

Many years ago, in the Lord's day, the blind man, the woman with the issue of blood, and the leper, to mention a few, were all healed, because of _their faith_. If you are in need of any healing, spiritual, mental, or physical, why not seek God right now?

Luke 17:19 And he said unto him, Arise, go thy way: thy faith hath made thee whole.

May flowers soon begin to bloom in 'your garden.'
May blessings come like the petals on the flowers.
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