I Thought I Saw A Ghost!
by Barbara Sanders

Have you ever looked into the eyes and thought you saw someone you knew it couldn’t have been because that person was gone?

This morning, my husband and I attended the basketball game of our son’s oldest son. While we were watching it, my son leaned over and said, “there he is”. We had previously been talking about this cousin because he had been the referee in the first basketball game in which our grandson played. Well, I looked down toward the door. I thought I was actually seeing a ghost! This man looked exactly like his Daddy standing there at the entrance to the gym. You could tell it even from the distance I was sitting.

I kept seeing his eyes meeting mine. But, having been so many years since seeing him, I figured there was no way he would recognize me. His Daddy died back in 1990 and I have not seen any of his family except his Mom since then. Our children and we all live in different places had not crossed their paths. My daughter lives an hour away and her children go to different schools. But, since my son built a new home and moved, his son goes to the school where my cousin’s kin go to, so he had run into him a few weeks ago.

As we approached the door to leave, his eyes again met mine, and he put out his arm to hug me and ask how I was doing. I immediately told him that he looked just like his Daddy standing there and I could not have missed him. He told me that he goes to the grocery store and someone he doesn’t even know will come up and tell him the same thing. The only difference I could see was the hair. His Dad didn’t live long enough to be gray. But all the other features are his Daddy made over! I had always known he resembled his Dad. But now, if there is such a thing as a ‘spitting image’ as you hear people speak of, I saw it today.

Written ©January 24, 2009 by Barbara Sanders, AL. All rights reserved.


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