by Barbara Sanders

rosesThere is not a flower that is more beautiful than a rose or one that smells any better. Seems roses have turned out to be 'a girl's best friend', when it comes to wanting a certain flower. When a boyfriend buys his best girl a dozen roses, he's buying brownie points! Now, when your husband gives you two dozen red roses laced with babies' breath, you wonder, 'hey, what did I do to deserve this?'

That's exactly what happened to me on Mother's Day. I knew that last year I had received my first dozen red roses from my husband. It was a big surprise, believe me. He's very practical, and flowers just aren't in 'his budget'. But, then, again this Mother's Day, I had gone to church as usual. And, when I returned, there on my kitchen table was a vase of beautiful red roses and babies' breath! Of course, this almost took my breath! I wasn't really expecting anything, considering we've always teased each other on both Mother and Father's Day, that we aren't the mother and father of each other. So, to come home to that unexpected but very appreciative gift was a special treat.

The term 'coming up roses' means that the results are favorable or successful. I suppose one can't complain when the unexpected bouquet is a bunch of roses, nestled in babies' breath, but two dozen? Just how favorable or successful must one be to rate two dozen! I have no clue, but I expect it to be 'coming up roses' around here for years to come.

Written ©June 14, 2001 by Barbara Sanders. All rights reserved.

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